Image of Rion (Pendragon Legacy, Book 2)


Image of Rion (Pendragon Legacy, Book 2)

Kearney follows up her sizzling series launch with the next dynamic adventure in the Pendragon Legacy. The quest for the Holy Grail continues, with the action moving to an enslaved planet fighting
for its life. Leave it to Kearney to build
a passionate relationship and combine
it with political drama and adventure!

Since dragon blood has been introduced into the formerly sterile population of Earth, fertility has returned, and humans are saved. However, the humans are still coping with the effect of dragon shapeshifting, making Marisa Rourke's unique gift for sending calming telepathic communication vital.

That gift is what space explorer Rion is counting on to help free his people, the Chivalri, from slavery to the Unari. Rion knows he is risking everything by abducting Marisa and taking her on this dangerous mission, but his precognitive flashes tell him time is running out. Marisa is furious at being kidnapped, but as she gets closer to Rion and his people, she begins to comprehend the danger the Unari pose, not only to the Chivalri but to Earth as well. (FOREVER, Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith