Image of Ripe for Scandal (The League of Second Sons)


Image of Ripe for Scandal (The League of Second Sons)

With her witty dialogue and tender romance, Carr draws readers into her marriage-of-convenience plotline that delves into what happens when the couple falls in love and then struggles to build a strong marriage against the odds. It’s a lesson all can savor.

The secret society of younger sons, known as The League of Second Sons, is Gareth Sandison’s refuge. None know that he holds a tendre for his friend’s sister, Boudicea “Beau” Vaughn, a woman far above his station. When Beau is abducted by a daring suitor, Gareth comes to the rescue. Beau and Gareth are forced to flee the villain, running through the countryside for several days. When they reach safety and her family, Beau is compromised and Gareth proposes. Though they are in love, Beau doesn’t completely trust Gareth and when a love child appears she must weigh the strength of her love against the scandal until the truth is revealed. (FOREVER, Sep., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin