The talented team that makes up Lynn Erickson have penned an interesting story. Although some may feel its a little too realistic, readers might enjoy the way this one plays out.

Robbie Childress, former athlete-turned-actor, is on trial for brutally murdering his wife. Though the evidence points strongly to his guilt, he is found not guilty.

Tess Bergen, the victim's sister, has watched her family disintegrate since the murder. Seven months later, trying to put their lives back on track, the Bergens travel to Aspen. As Tess arrives to meet her father in an overcrowded tent, she hears a shot, and sees a gun in her father's hands. Taking the weapon, she runs.

Now, her father is charged with murder and Tess dream of a normal life is crushed. Hiring the best lawyers, her family prepares a defense. A nation is torn apart as the crime is played out in the media, and all the major players have their own agenda. Private investigator Dan Hadley's research enabled Robbie to go free and Tess cant forgive him for that. Now, he has been hired to do the same for her fathers case.

Can Tess accept the help of the Dan, who is responsible for the freedom of her sister's murderer?

(Apr., 384 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson