Political speech writer Becca Matlock is trapped in a nightmare. She has been stalked by a man calling himself her boyfriend. Because Becca cant furnish proof of the harassment, the NYPD dismisses her claims and considers her a crackpot. When her mother suddenly passes away, Becca seizes the opportunity to try and escape from her stalker by renting the old Marley house in Riptide, Maine.

Former spy Adam Carruthers now owns his own security consulting business. This current case is being handled strictly as a favor for his old mentor Thomas Matlock. Years ago, when an accident resulted in the death of the wife of Russian spy Vasili Krimakov, Thomas found himself the focus of a life-long vendetta. Knowing that his family would be in danger, Thomas and his wife decided it would be safer if they separated, and Becca was told that her father had died.

Becca doesnt quite understand why Adam has been sent to protect her, but considering recent events, knows she needs help. Adam is trapped between his loyalty to his old friend and his growing attachment to Becca. Is Krimakov Beccas stalker? Or is there another twisted mind at work?

RIPTIDE takes old cold war enmities and refines them with new world order twists. Shadowy individuals with undefined motives and jurisdictional clashes make this book highly intriguing and a great romantic read. (Jul., 400 pp., $7.99—Hardcover published July 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith