Image of Riptide (Cutter Cay)


Image of Riptide (Cutter Cay)

The treasure-hunting Cutters are back for more edge-of-your-seat peril. For the second in this series, Adair weaves together a complicated thriller, a locked-room murder mystery, espionage and treachery. Nick and Bria emit serious sparks as they clash over their opposing goals. Fierce action and emotional blows ensure a story that will keep readers entranced.

When Nick Cutter agreed to help set up a sting to catch diamond smugglers, he never dreamed his biggest obstacle would be Princess Bria Visconti. Although her family are the hereditary rulers of the kingdom of Marrezo, Bria’s parents were murdered and she and her brother were spirited away for safety. Her brother Draven has returned and is trying to rebuild Marrezo’s coffers, partly by investing in Cutter Salvage. Bria wants that money back. Due to the timing of her arrival, Nick can’t decide if Bria is mixed up in the smuggling. When she is attacked and then her attacker is murdered, the danger on this venture skyrockets. (ST. MARTIN’S, Sep., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith