Image of Rise and Shine: A Contemporary Fairy Tale


Image of Rise and Shine: A Contemporary Fairy Tale

Bricker’s latest is a delightful contemporary retelling of Sleeping Beauty with a sprinkle of humor and a dab of faith. Rise & Shine is a fun story with endearing characters who will bring a smile to your face. Readers who enjoy good chicklit — Christian or otherwise — should try this one. Although the villain plays a minor role, it doesn’t take away from the central storyline. And, last but not least, a McDreamy-type Prince Charming takes care of the sleeping beauty even though she’s completely unaware of it. How’s that for sweet and romantic?

Shannon Malone wakes up from a comatose state — the result of a diving accident during her honeymoon — after almost 10 years to find that a lot has changed, including the unfortunate death of her husband. With the help of friends, family, a cute neurologist and God, she begins to acclimate herself to society and begin a new life. But there’s a villain waiting and ready to snatch up what she believes is rightfully hers. Will Shannon overcome it all and find a fairy-tale ending? (RIVER NORTH, May, 288 pp., $14.99)
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Susannah Balch