Image of Risk No Secrets (Black Ops, Inc.)


Image of Risk No Secrets (Black Ops, Inc.)

Lost loves and kidnappings are the backdrop for the latest Black Ops, Inc., thriller. Although each book focuses on a different hero and heroine, the fact that the major players return as continuing characters gives the storylines added richness. Gerard has hit her stride with this powerfully intense series, and readers are the lucky beneficiaries!

Twelve years ago, Wyatt Savage lost Sophie, the woman he loved, to his best friend Hugh. Although Hugh and Wyatt were both in special ops, they drifted apart. Hugh went on to start his own company and Wyatt joined Black Ops, Inc. When a devastated Sophie calls him for help, Wyatt drops everything to fly to El Salvador, where she runs a local school. Sophie is horrified and guilt-ridden, a kidnapping attempt was made on her daughter, Hope, but another girl, Lola, was snatched instead. Sophie and Hugh divorced years ago, so it is to Wyatt that she turns for help. Can Wyatt and the Black Ops gang find little Lola in time? (POCKET, Jun., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith