Image of Risking It All


Image of Risking It All
Filmmaker Rina Calhoun is working on a documentary about extreme sports when she spots bad-boy surfer Cash -- the type of man she avoids because he's too dangerous. She can't resist a passionate night with him but never expects to see him again. But Johnny Cashman is really a Navy SEAL on a mission to recover some film Rina's edited before it becomes public. The niece of an admiral, Rina next starts a film on extreme jobs and goes to work with the Navy SEALS, including Cash. Risking It All (3), by Stephanie Tyler, has an interesting setting, but it's an uneasy combination of emotion and adventure that doesn't quite come together. Rina is a well-developed, sympathetic character, but her relationship with Cash doesn't feel real.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor