Well-developed characters, an entertaining story and a chance to revisit the Thorne and Roarke families make A Risky Affair (4.5), by Maureen Smith, a book to read in one sitting. After the death of her adoptive parents, Solange Washington leaves her small town and accepts a position as personal assistant to Crandall Thorne, a high-profile, semi-retired attorney. The job is a ruse so he can get to know his long-lost granddaughter. Dane Roarke's private-investigative firm is "hired" to run a background check on Solange, and romantic sparks fly between the two from the time they meet. But the years of Crandall's deception and secrets threaten to consume Solange, Dane and married socialite Tessa Philbin, whom Crandall has loved since they were young.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims