Erostatle Windgate is a sensual man and the son of Aphrodite. His mother has concerns about a well-known doctor named Psychedelic Rainbo. Psychedelic's take on love and romance is seen as a threat by the head of "Aphrodite's Pleasures," a store that caters to the sensual and fun side of a woman. Eros thinks his mother is worrying for nothing but he will see what he can do regarding, sexy Psyche.

Psyche longs for a chance to explore her sensuality, but she doesn't think she will ever find the man to awaken her -- that is until a book signing turns into an experience she can't forget. Will she let the fear of the unknown keep her from finding a happy ending?

Although the ending is rushed, this was a very sensual and romantic story, and McIntyre's take on the legend of Eros and Psyche is entertaining. (dl $5.98)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers