Four years ago, Dr. McCall Sayer's reputation and life were destroyed when the FBI found falsified data in her research. McCall believes Curtis and Roger Clarke of Clarke Labs were responsible, since she had refused to replace her father at their facilities.

Clarke Labs has been focusing on finding a "fountain of youth" treatment. Knowing they need much money for the effort, McCall devises a trap. She claims to have made a breakthrough with pheromones, allowing the development of perfumes guaranteed to drive the opposite sex wild. To finance her project, McCall has become a regular at Louisiana casinos.

Jake Donovan, shift manger of the River Palace, realizes he has a professional gambler on his hands when he spies McCall. Their attraction is instantaneous-despite his fears of the legendary "Donovan Curse." As a former Assistant DA, he also realizes that McCall is involved in something very dangerous.

Clarke Labs holds some deadly secrets. Finding the truth will take ingenuity, guts and luck. And despite McCall's best efforts, Roger, Curtis and even her father are suspicious of her actions.

Romantic suspense fans can rejoice as superb author Olga Bicos adds her voice to this spellbinding genre. RISKY GAMES reaches out and ensnares readers from the first page! (July, 416 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith