London's most notorious rake, Sebastian d'Arcy, Marquis of Brecon, is a man who believes in the natural sensuality of women and in the pleasure of taking such women as his mistresses. His exploits are so famous that he is writing a deliciously erotic memoir.

Lovely Madeline Foucant was raised in a French convent, but she is no timid young woman. When she realizes that her impoverished family needs her aid she takes on a position as Sebastian's cook and then accepts his outrageous proposal that he turn her into the most sought-after courtesan in the country.

With Sebastian's skill at love and Madeline's eagerness to win his affections, they are a successful team. But once Madeline is schooled in the arts of love, Sebastian finds it increasingly difficult not to want her forever. And when they are caught up in the gambit to save their country they find that love can be both wonderful and dangerous.

RISQUE is a unique love story written by a most inventive storyteller. This steamy, sexy Regency combines humor, adventure and passion in perfect proportions. This is a real treat and an absolutely marvelous romance. SPICY (Feb., 400 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin