Teton County Deputy Sheriff Sarah Barndollar has her work cut out for her. More than a year ago, her husband Tom disappeared after a fight, leaving her to raise their three kids.

Unexpectedly, teenager Kate Gray-hawk drops everything and heads home to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to talk to her mother, but she never arrives. Fearing Kate has been kidnapped, her mother contacts Kate's estranged father, Clay Blackthorne.

As it happens, both Clay and his cousin Drew DeWitt arrive to help in the search. Everyone's motives are suspect, however, as the blood is bad between the Blackthornes and Grayhawks. Drew hooks up with Sarah and insists on helping with the investigation. The fact that other teenage girls have disappeared and then been found murdered makes everyone fear the worst. Is there a serial killer at work, or is this all part of a more sinister plot?

Life is never smooth or easy for the Blackthornes or their extended family. Bestseller Joan Johnston is a true master at dishing out the family drama and trauma. (Sep., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith