Returning from the war to find his father dead and the family estate in financial ruins, Kenneth Wilding is approached by a strange offer: uncover a murderer and save his home.

Kenneth takes a position as secretary and assistant to the artist, Sir Anthony Seaton, a man he has long admired. But it is Sir Anthony's daughter, the unconventional and brilliant Rebecca Seaton, who intrigues Kenneth.

Since she was "ruined" years before, Rebecca has devoted herself to her greatest love, painting. Yet the instant she meets Kenneth, Rebecca is captivated by what she calls his "pirate" face; so captivated that she is compelled to paint his portrait.

As Kenneth tries to uncover the truth behind Rebecca's mother's "accidental" death, he discovers that Rebecca is helping him to open a closed door in his life. She gives him the gift of her confidence in his ability to paint and heal the wounds in his soul, just as he gives her the gift of love.

By continuing with the Fallen Angels Series, Mary Jo Putney once again sweeps readers into a story that captures and holds their hearts reintroducing old friends and bringing us a new hero and heroine. She brilliantly captures the intricacies, mores, manners and wit of the era with panache and her special gift for storytelling that brings readers great joy. SENSUAL (Nov., 397 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin