Image of River Marked (Mercy Thompson, Book 6)


Image of River Marked (Mercy Thompson, Book 6)

The mystery of Mercy Thompson’s origins and the existence of “walkers” is finally addressed in the latest chapter of this awarding-winning series. There’s also a focus on the importance of the mate bond as Adam and Mercy’s relationship deepens. This awesome story goes from funny and emotional to abjectly terrifying! Briggs is in class by herself!

With her mother running amok planning Mercy’s upcoming wedding to Adam, Mercy doesn’t stand a chance against the wedding plotters. The honeymoon, however, sounds wonderful: just Mercy and Adam camping on the banks of the Columbia River. But even that doesn’t go as planned when they rescue a wounded man. It appears that something in the river is devouring people — something that tries to take a bite out of Mercy. Mercy knows little about her father, but she does recognize his ghost when it appears to her. To her surprise, Mercy is also contacted by other walkers. To stop this ancient evil, Mercy needs to connect with her Native American heritage. (ACE, Mar., 336 pp., $26.95)
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JIll M. Smith