Three-time rodeo champ Nash Griffin blames himself for a tragic accident involving friend and fellow rodeo rider Levi Cooper. With Levi paralyzed, Nash and his brother Hal are determined to make up for their perceived negligence and have paid for all the treatment Levi has received for the past five years.

Crista Delaney shed her past for a new life as the head of physical therapy at Kanima Springs Hospital. She immediately has to deal with an exasperated staff who flatly refuse to deal with the overprotective, fire-breathing Nash Griffin. Luckily, Crista knows how to give as good as she gets.

One look at the beautiful and gusty Crista leaves Nash reeling. He refuses to acknowledge any tender feelings, so the emotional battle is on. Crista worries that Nash and Hal are catering to Levi's every request. She also overhears a telephone conversation which leaves her fearing that Levi is taking the Griffin brothers for a ride.

Nash's blind devotion to Levi threatens his budding relationship with Crista. Crista is also puzzled as to why she is being stalked. Who is after her and what do they want? Events are quickly racing to a showdown that will change all their lives.

Carol Finch uses her distinctive, powerful voice to bring life to a gripping tale filled with sexual tension and emotional need. Fans can look forward with gleeful anticipation to Hal Griffin's emotional downfall next year. (June, 446 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith