Image of River Nymph


Image of River Nymph

Like Mark Twain, Henke loves the mighty Mississippi. Through colorful descriptions readers are treated to a wild river ride with an unlikely pair of lovers whose romance adds spark to a leisurely paced, classic-style western.

To Delilah Raymond, gambling is a means to achieving a respectable life. She gets her chance when she wins the bordello boat The River Nymph from card sharp Clint Daniels. Things get interesting when a side bet has Clint stripping down and Delilah thinking about more than turning the boat into a cargo ship.

She realizes she needs a partner, so they form an uneasy team and head up river to trade their cargo. That's when Delilah learns Clint is at home with the Sioux, who know him as Lightning Hand. As ghosts of the past, unscrupulous rivals and a criminal threaten to rip them apart, Clint and Delilah take a chance on love. (Leisure, Feb., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin