Image of The River Palace: A Water Wheel Novel


Image of The River Palace: A Water Wheel Novel

Morris’ latest Water Wheel novel is based on the biblical story of the Good Samaritan. Its selfless characters and interesting historical facts about the American Civil War will keep readers interested.

In the days after the end of the Civil War, Gage Kennon, recently of the Confederate army, just wants to get home to New Orleans. He does not have much money and has a long trek in front of him. On the way he runs into Dennis Wainwright, a former Yankee captain, who has been robbed and shot. Gage takes care of him and they become chums. As they travel, they come across other people in trouble and do what they can to help. When they come across a band of Gypsies, Gage earns the respect of Nadyha, a young woman. They all wind up on a showboat, Queen of Bohemia, and they have adventures none of them thought possible. (B&H, Jan., 400 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans