It promised to be a sensational case. When Lt. Colonel Michael Smith is suspected of the murder of his beautiful, well-connected wife Colonel Elaine Dawson-Smith, the story makes front- page news. A witness spotted Lt. Colonel Smith driving away from the scene of the crime, but the big problem in this case is the viability of the witness. And its up to JAG officer Major Carly Samuels to get at the truth.

Carly is none too impressed with witness Ryan McMann after their first meeting. An angry and hostile Ryan has no interest in getting involved any deeper in the case. A former hockey star who fell from grace when he was convicted on drug charges and implicated in the drug overdose death of a groupie, Ryan spotted the Lt. Colonels car when he was on his way to prison to help teach illiterate inmates to read as part of his parole.

Carly suspects Ryan knows more than he is telling and she is right. For as Carly soon learns, there is a very sordid connection between Maxwell Air Force Base and the prison. And Mother Nature throws a spanner into the case by unleashing a flood that threatens Carly and Ryans lives.

Considering the current climate of sexual peccadilloes, the plot of Ms. Lovelaces newest thriller could have been taken from front-page headlines. RIVER RISING provides all the tension and intrigue you have come to expect from the amazing Ms. Lovelace. (June, 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith