Image of River Road


Image of River Road

Taking a break from the paranormal, megastar Krentz returns to her romantic suspense roots by leading readers deep into the secrets buried in a small California town. Events from 13 years ago still reverberate and cause unexpected reunions. The snappy dialogue, layered characters and sexy sizzle all add up to another patented Krentz winner!

Thirteen years ago, Lucy Sheridan was visiting Summer River when a party thrown by rich kid Tristan went bad. Lucy was rescued by Mason Fletcher before Tristan could drug and assault her. Then, Tristan disappeared. His current whereabouts are a mystery. Now, forensic genealogist Lucy returns to Summer River to close up her deceased aunt Sara’s house. Lucy also suspects foul play in Sara and her partner Mary’s car crash. Successful security firm owner Mason is also in town. While Mason’s protective streak still annoys Lucy, things are more dangerous than she suspected. (PUTNAM, Jan., 352 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith