Karen Harper brings the mighty river and the frontier people who inhabit the wilderness (including General Clark) into clear perspective in this enthralling tale of a woman determined to make it on her own. Kate is a heroine we can identify with and a woman to admire. Readers will be drawn into RIVER OF SKY and will discover a memorable story with dynamic characters.

Kate Craig is happy and content in her marriage to wealthy St. Louis riverboat captain Clive Craig, but her husband's sudden death plunges her into a new life. Kate learns that she is now penniless and that her beloved husband had an Indian wife who has come to mourn Clive's death. Though Kate knows she should despise the Indian woman, she finds herself drawn to Blue Wing.

Together the women fight to save their home and forge a new empire. Fighting chauvinism and prejudice Kate claims her husband's last boat as her legacy and sets out to claim her land in the Mandan Indian Territory, up the Missouri River.

Traveling with Kate are two very different passengers; Rand MacLeod, a man of mixed racial heritage, and Stirling Mount, a naturalist. As Kate works to bring her boat through the perils of the river and to care for her son and Blue Wing, Kate comes to learn that she is a woman of courage and fortitude. and vows to fight for her land and her rights.

Torn between her need for independence and her growing love for Rand, Kate discovers a new world full of surprises, danger and love.

(Aug., 400 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin