Image of A River in the Sky: A Novel (Amelia Peabody Mysteries)


Image of A River in the Sky: A Novel (Amelia Peabody Mysteries)

This latest Amelia Peabody mystery takes a step back. Set in 1910, the action is sandwiched between two earlier books,
as the Emerson clan embarks on its first adventure to the Holy Lands. Peters splits the stage between locations and the viewpoints of Amelia and her son Ramses. As always, the humor boosts the action and gives the intrigue an exciting edge.

It's 1910, and the British War Office is concerned about an upcoming excavation near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem by adventurer George Morley. Officials fear that Morley's ineptitude could infuriate members of all three religions that view the site as sacred. Plus, they suspect that Morley may be working with the Germans, who have their own worrisome agenda.

As it happens, Ramses is already working on an excavation in Palestine, so Amelia and Emerson plan to meet up with him. But Ramses is kidnapped by a mystery group whose motivations are murky. Getting out alive to warn his parents of his discoveries is going to take all of his skills. (MORROW, Apr., 320 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith