Anna Connolly had been traveling with her Uncle Mick since childhood. Now that shes a young woman he decides to pass Anna off as a blind songbird. It seems an easy and harmless con until Anna looks into Philip Brichards eyes and knows the gig is up.

The ethereal girl attracts Philips attention. He knows she isnt blind, but hes amused and then angered when she believes he will reveal her secret. Philip walks away vowing to forget Anna until she turns up in his room on a Mississippi riverboat.

A strange chain of events leaves her uncle dead and Anna accused of murder. She turns to Philip and is lured into a dangerous passion for him. Traveling to Philips home in New Orleans, one step ahead of ruthless deputy, Jake Finn, Anna and Philip find a passion as moving as the river itself. When Anna must flee New Orleans, Philip follows her to Boston to her grandmothers. But danger stalks Anna in her new home and only Philips steadfast love can save her.

Exhilarating adventure sets the pace in this novel by a talented new storyteller. For readers seeking a sultry frying-pan-into-the-fire adventure with a high dose of romance thrown in, this novel is perfect. Ms. Thomason follows in Carol Finchs footsteps as an author who writes fast-paced adventure combined with a strong love story. SENSUAL (Sep., 304 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin