Image of The River Witch


Image of The River Witch

This is a beautiful work of fiction that touches the soul. Although the story is told from multiple viewpoints, it does not lose momentum or become boring. The characters are so vivid and believable that readers will quickly empathize with them and be swept along this solemn journey of redemption, enlightenment and love. Brock creates an enthralling tale with unexpected plot twists that will keep readers engaged until the final page.

After a miscarriage and career-ending auto accident, Roslyn Byrne’s body, mind and spirit are bruised. Bent on recovery, she takes her mother’s advice and rents a home on Manny’s Island in Georgia. She never expects her involvement with the Trezevants, her landlords, will place her on a path to healing. From her developing friendship with 10-year-old Demascus to the reawakened interest in the spiritual music of her Tennessee roots, Roslyn finds a new enthusiasm for life and living. (BELL BRIDGE, May, 246 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart