Lyrical prose and multifaceted characters fill the pages of this uniquely moving novel. The characters face the hardships of wartime in this believable and enthralling read.

Several years before the U.S. enters World War II, Elise Braun, a German girl, is sent to the United States to live with distant cousins. Her father is an officer in the Nazi army, but he doesn't believe in Hitler's causes and feels that Elise would be safer in America, since her mother has recently died.

  As she adjusts to her life in Massachusetts with the Muller family, Elise wonders if she'll ever see her father again. When war wages on and America enters the war, Mr. Muller and his eldest son, Junior, decide to enlist. Elise faces difficulties. She misses Junior, her fiance, and is subjected to prejudice from locals who hate her simply because she was born German. (Kensington, Sep., 368 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick