Antoinettes world is in shambles. She is separated from her husband and now has lost her job. Whats left for her to do at the ripe age of 37? No longer able to afford her home, she moves into her stepmothers condominium.

Slowly but surely, Antoinette attempts to rebuild her life. After all, she has a child to think about and a firm base of family and friends supporting her growth.

If Jerome had any foresight into his future he never would have married his wife, Karen. At the time they had met, he was suffering from a recent blow on account of his girlfriend, Antoinette, refusing to marry him.

Nearly two decades later, stuck in a failing marriage with children to feed and bills up to his neck, Jerome cant hang on for much longer. That is, until he is reunited with Antoinette. Suddenly his life has a bright spot again.

Tastefully written, RIVERS OF THE SOUL was also quite frustrating, as the main characters spend more time apart than together. Its difficult to believe that Antoinette and Jerome, at the present time, are in love with one another and are not simply looking for mutual consolation. (Dec., 509 pp., $8.95)

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton