Austin Webster's father is determined to pry his son away from the computer for a summer vacation. But when the family gets lost on the road, Austin needs his laptop to download a map. Soon the whole family is sucked into the Internet.

Mattie Blankenskrean and Mr. Z from the Normal Council on Civil Correctness chase them from link to link, trying to delete them and sanitize all biblical references from the Internet.The family is mobbed by cyberkittens, sat on by camels, nearly frozen on a mountainside and lost in an underground cavern. But the Websters face their biggest challenge when they're sent to the trash bin for final deletion. If they ever get back to Normal, Illinois, Austin will have a lot to report in his blog.

Giddy hijinks on the 'net offer laughs and learning. This sixth Hyperlinkz novel is more disjointed than earlier books, but the villains and parents are a hoot.(Apr., 128 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson