This is a nice story that catches us up with characters from Fowler’s previous book, The Saddlemaker’s Wife. It is easy to get attached to all of these characters, especially Ruby, who has been through so much but still fights to make sure she has happiness in her life. While the story moves a bit slowly, the conclusion is satisfying and you will welcome a chance to be a part of this small town and its eccentricities once again.

Ruby has not had it easy and when she brought her husband’s ashes back to the small town of Cardinal, Calif., she never thought she would return. However, this small town is exactly what she needs for her brother Nash, who is struggling with his alcohol addiction needs. Cardinal is a place where people are eager to help and Ruby is hoping that Nash can get his life together. Unfortunately, Nash’s recovery takes a turn for the worse and Ruby knows she must find her estranged mother to add support. It will not be easy for Ruby, Nash and their mother to look past all the years of secrets but sometimes secrets need to come out. (BERKLEY, Jan., 304 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer