Image of The Road to Hell (Hell on Earth, Book 2)


Image of The Road to Hell (Hell on Earth, Book 2)

Kessler's sassy heroine is back with
the scorching-hot book two of the
Hell on Earth series. A sharp-tongued
succubus writes in first person,
telling a deliciously wicked story
that mixes romance and humor
with dark urban fantasy. The combination of supernatural elements with
the mundane realities of life in the
big city keeps things real. This is
one helluva read -- put Kessler on
your must-buy list.

Jesse Harris, aka Jezebel, was once a succubus. She gave up a life of sex, brimstone and torture for a soul and a human body. Now she works as an exotic dancer and lives with the man she loves, Pete Hamilton, a New York cop. Jesse is happy as a mortal, but some demons want her back in hell. And when they use Pete as bait, she's got no choice but to follow. (ZEBRA, Nov., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski