Image of The Road Home (Apple Creek Dreams Series)


Image of The Road Home (Apple Creek Dreams Series)

Who says men can’t write romance novels? The second book in the Apple Creek Dreams proves that men can write romance as well as women. The storyline is believable, and the characters are sweet and caring while looking for some healing from their past. Craig gets to the heart of the matter in the romance department and does not hold back.

Jenny Springer has had a somewhat happy life in Apple Creek, with loving adoptive parents and a great job as the historian for the Amish. But she wants to know who her real parents are and why they have not come looking for her. John Hershberger is a nonbeliever, and has come to town looking for his own heritage, when his love for Jenny becomes bigger than him. Can they both find what they are searching for with the results they want, or will a higher power lead them in directions they never imagined? (Harvest House, Sep., 368 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans