Several days ago, two men kidnapped Victoria, and are keeping her bound in the back of their van. Now, with the police chasing them, they shove Victoria into the line of danger and drive off.

When Sheriff Roan Benedict answered the call about a convenience store robbery in his small Louisiana town, he didnt expect a woman to come flying out of his suspects van with a gun in her hand. He had little choicehe shot her.

Victoria is unsure of who she can trust, and the sheriff doesnt believe she was kidnapped. Her biggest fear is that shell be sent back to the ex-fianci she believes is behind her current predicament, so she does what anyone would do. She fakes amnesia. Now Victoria is torn by the need to take control and the feelings that are growing in her towards Roan and his family.

In ROAN, Jennifer Blake masterfully chronicles the budding romance and builds a terrific backstory rife with conflict. (Jul., 384 pp. $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson