Impatient knight Simon de Burgh travels to take over management of his brothers estate and on the way detours through a remote forest because hes bored and hoping for a minor battle to spice his day. The band of rogues, lead by a female, who confront Simon and his men are more than he bargained for and all are taken captive.

I Simon has never faced an enemy like Bethia. Tall, strong, even muscular, shes nothing like the women hes known. For the first time, Simon meets a woman interested in the disciplines of battle and skilled in leadership, as well as archery. He escapes from her, then must decide whether to believe her story and accept her request for help overcoming the villain who holds her ailing father captive in his own home.

I Respect for each other develops first, then passionate love which complicates their situation as much as it adds to their chaotic encounters.

I This gratifying sequel to Deborah Simmons first two novels in her series on the de Burgh brothers generates just the right humor, with a medieval tale heightened by a believably accomplished medieval female. Expect to suffer lots of anticipation for the de Burgh romances still to follow. SENSUAL (Apr., 326 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger