Image of Rock Bottom


Image of Rock Bottom

Activist Brockovich teams up with bestseller Lyons on a fascinating and intense thriller about relationships, environmentalism and the lengths people will go to protect a secret. The story is fast-paced, dark and dangerous. Angela is tough with enough vulnerability to make her likable and smart without being intimidating.

Angela Joy Palladino fled her hometown of Scotia, W.Va., as a pregnant teen. Since then, she’s put herself through school, raising her special-needs son. She’s also become an environmental activist, but “The People’s Champion” takes a dramatic fall from grace in the public eye. When litigator Zach Hardy offers her a job battling the coal mining industry, attempting to stop mountaintop removal in Scotia, she accepts. But her homecoming isn’t exactly perfect. Her new boss turns up dead, her estranged parents shuttle her off to her grandmother’s house and her son’s father reappears, angry and confused. Some betrayals go too deep for forgiveness and AJ is just finding out how many are haunting her. (VANGUARD, Mar., 254 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper