Daniel Cash, the only unmarried member of the Rock Creek Six, is beginning to think it's time to move on. Since the days of carousing with the boys are gone, it might even be time to give up his saloon. But when his first and only love, Nadine walks in, he's thrown for a loop.

Nadine needs Cash to convince J.D., her son-and his-not to become a gunfighter. How can he refuse? Nadine agrees to Cash's terms. He will do his part, if he can come to her room whenever he wants. Nadine is confused by her feeling for Cash, but no more than he is by his reawakened passion for her.

Since the day he returned from the war to witness her wedding to another, he has not been able to trust a woman. Even though Nadine explains she married only because she was pregnant, Cash does his best to convince Nadine they cannot live together.

Nadine has found a place for herself in Rock Creek and J.D. has found friends and a man to look up to in Cash. Then Nadine finds herself pregnant and Cash must come to terms with his past mistakes and a second chance for happiness.

This is the last of the Rock Creek Six and readers will be thrilled to see all the loose ends tied up; even though they will have to say goodbye to some wonderful characters and great stories they'll never forget. SENSUAL (Feb., 318 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner