Ever since the Rock Creek Six arrived in town, Josephine (Jo) Clancy has been drawn to Nate Lang. Though hes bent on drinking himself into oblivion, Nate is also attracted to Jo. One day, when Nate does not return to town with his friend Cash, Jo decides to go and find him on her own.

Locating Nate isnt the problembringing him out of his drunken stupor is. When Jo finds an amorous Nate, she surrenders to her desires and they become lovers.

But in the harsh, sober light of day, Nate regrets his selfishness. The demons that plague him become stronger, but Jo is determined to save him from himselffirst by making him give up drinking and then proving to him that she is strong enough to be his woman.

Like every other character in this dynamic series, Nate has a past to overcome. Ms. Handeland paints an in-depth portrait of a man in torment and the woman who teaches him forgiveness. She uses humor, pathos, passion and a sense of family to make this a marvelous romance, and one youll remember for a long time. SENSUAL (Jan., 276 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner