Mary McKendrick is on a mission to save Rock Creek from the band of outlaws terrorizing the town, which is what leads her to find a half-naked Reese in an upstairs room in a Dallas saloon and tell him she was sent by his friend, Rourke.

Reese is one of a band of six men known for being quick on the trigger to get rid of trouble. These men are bound together by their experiences in the Civil War, but the others know very little about Reeses background.

The gunmen are not welcomed by the townsfolk, who fear what will happen when El Diablo discovers they have arrived. El Diablo has been forcing the residents to leave the town, but why?

As the men stand up to El Diablo, Reese finds himself attracted to Mary, but believes he is not worthy of her. Mary is fascinated by Reese. Though she prides herself on managing difficult situations, she cannot manage her feelings for him.

In his anger, El Diablo kidnaps Mary, forcing Reese to come after them. The strong plot is not the most important aspect of this romance. Its the interaction between Mary and Reese, who learn to believe in themselves, and the power of love that makes this special. Their passion, which leaps from the pages, leads to consequences neither could foresee and is the beginning of what promises to be a marvelous series. Bring on the next five Rock Creek men! SENSUAL (Sep., 317 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner