While traveling from Georgia to Texas to find her brother, Eden Rourke rescues a stranger from his attackers. She takes him into her wagon to heal him, not knowing that he is her brothers friend, Sinclair Sullivan, one of the infamous gunmen known as the Rock Creek Six.

Sullivan cant believe a woman saved him. When he finds out that she is Jebs sister, he agrees they should travel together, posing as husband and wife for her safety.

While Sullivan makes it clear to Eden that he wants her with his hot kisses, Eden makes it just as clear that she wont go to bed with him unless they are married. To everyones surprise, Sullivan has the preacher marry them right away.

It looks as if all will end well until Jeb returns to find his sister married. Then trouble strikes when Eden is threatened, and the Rock Creek Six rally round to protect her.

This exciting series just keeps getting better and better. The characters are richly portrayed, the dialogue is snappy and the passion palpable. Just keep those great men coming! SENSUAL (Oct., 315 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner