In the second Sinners on Tour Novel, lead vocalist Sedrick “Sed” Lionheart and his former fiancée, law student Jessica Chase, are reunited — with a bang. Readers will love the characters and enjoy their scorching love scenes and passionate fights.

Two years ago, Jessica walked away from Sed to attend law school and to prove she did not need him. Now she is working as an exotic dancer to pay for her third year of law school when she runs into him again. The run-in costs her her job and she winds up on tour with him, while she tries to earn money. Sed is overjoyed to have Jessica in his arms and in his bed again, but he knows she considers the situation temporary. When circumstances keep pushing them together, they’re going to find out that they are destined for each other. (SOURCEBOOKS, Apr., 448 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper