Image of Rocket Girls


Image of Rocket Girls

Heroine Yukari is a determined and serious young woman. Hardworking and brave, she provides the necessary straight person for the eccentric characters around her to play off, which they do with great enthusiasm. In this tale, translated by Joseph Reeder, Nojiri himself appears to be nearly as forceful a proponent of space flight as the SSA; he has tried to play fair with the limits imposed by real world science without ever losing sight of his comedic goals. The result is a fast-paced science fiction romp, one suitable for teens and adults.

High school student Yukari Morita sets out to find her long-lost father only to stumble into an unexpected offer from the Solomon Space Agency, accept a position as the privately owned company’s first girl astronaut and in exchange they will help her find her father. Yukari agrees and, joined by her newly revealed half-sister, Matsuri, she finds herself playing human guinea pig for a company staffed by cheerful fanatics who have long since abandoned any sense of caution, risking life and limb pioneering groundbreaking techniques in space development. (HAIKASORU, September 2010, 200 pp., $13.99)

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James Davis Nicoll