Image of Rocket Girls: The Last Planet (Novel-Paperback)


Image of Rocket Girls: The Last Planet (Novel-Paperback)

Translated by Alexander O. Smith, Nojiri’s upbeat, comic novel and its resolute, daring protagonists offer a welcome respite from the nihilistic, doom-laden stories that dominate modern SF.

Following an unexpected excursion to Yukari’s former school, teen astronaut Yukari and her half-sister Matsuri are joined by Yukari’s former schoolmate, Akane. More gifted but frailer than other astronauts, Akane struggles with the physical demands of her position, substituting determination for athletic aptitude. When calamity endangers the American space probe to Pluto, the SSA’s groundbreaking technology and their diminutive space farers make them uniquely qualified to help. Technical problems soon snowball into a life-threatening crisis. (VIZ, Mar., 250 pp., $13.99, Reissue)

Reviewed by: 
James Davis Nicoll