Image of On the Rocks: A Novel


Image of On the Rocks: A Novel

Take a 30-something woman jilted before she gets to the altar, put her back in the dating pool with some quirky friends and a possibly psychotic mother along for the ride, and you have Abby’s summer at the beach. Alternately humorous and touching, this novel is a fast, fun read that only falters in its focus on social media as the culprit in modern dating, at times feeling out of touch with fast-moving technology. Abby, however, is someone you’d want to friend, freezer full of ice cream and all.

Abby is convinced her life is over. After 12 years together, she discovers her fiancé is dumping her via Facebook, just as she’s trying on wedding gowns. To make things worse, her copycat younger sister is getting married. Abby’s friend Grace convinces her that a summer on the beach in Rhode Island is exactly what she needs to get out of her funk, but Abby discovers the dating rules have changed with the advent of social media. (WILLIAM MORROW, Apr., 320 pp. $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo