Image of Rocky Mountain Proposal (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of Rocky Mountain Proposal (Love Inspired Historical)

ROCKY MOUNTAIN PROPOSAL (4) by Pamela Nissen: Boulder, Colo., 1891: Aaron Drake is supposed to pick something up at the train station for his friend Paul, but isn’t sure what it is. All Paul told him was to “hold on to hope.” Hope Gatlin arrives in Boulder to marry Paul. When he isn’t there to meet her, she thinks he changed his mind and wonders what she should do next. Once Aaron meets Hope, he understands Paul’s message. Paul intended for Aaron to wed Hope all along. How could his best friend do this to him? Aaron knows he will need to let Hope down gently and prays she understands why he will not marry her, or anyone else. This is a sweet romance with secrets to uncover and a chance at happiness. The characters are fun, lively and sure of what they want —until they learn the true meaning of “hold on to hope.”

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans