Image of Rocky Mountain Rebel (Six Pack Ranch Book 5)


Image of Rocky Mountain Rebel (Six Pack Ranch Book 5)

Arend sure knows how to corral readers’ attention and lasso them in without a hitch. Book five of the Six Pack Ranch series is raunchy and dirty like a super-sexy, sweaty cowboy. The storyline glides along freely until a few bumps in the road cause it to stall, and fans of erotica may get restless. But when the passionate barn scene enfolds, they better hope to have their reins tightened and their spurs oiled. This author is “up to the hub” when it comes to lovemaking.

Vicki Hansol’s sister and mother’s easy sexual habits lead small-minded residents to believe she’s the town’s bad girl. Her whole life is spent defending her name and dreaming of moving away while she endures minimum-wage, dead-end jobs. When she’s fired from the local café, the youngest from Six Pack Ranch, Joel Coleman, steps in to try and save her and give her a few job leads. Vicki’s spunk and luck land her two job offers that can’t be refused — except one of them is at Willmore Wilderness Park’s trails and she’s terrified of horses. Her anxiety puts her on Joel’s doorstep. Forever associated with his twin, Jesse, and their wild reputation, Joel likes the thought of having a steady girlfriend, and he’s charmed by Vicki’s intriguing freckles. He helps her conquer her fear while their compatibility sizzles off the charts. As they grow closer, trying to mend their families and each other, they feel ready to move on to the next stage. (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi