One night, Joshua Gable rescues Claire Hamilton from her brutal husband's beating. The next morning, Claire's husband is dead, and Claire and Joshua each suspect the other of Ham's murder. Neither will implicate the other, but the Hamilton family is suspicious.

Claire doesn't mourn Ham, but she grieves for her unborn child, who died that night. Suddenly possessed of an inner strength, Claire vows to fight for her land and to keep Joshua safe from her vengeful in-laws.

Joshua cannot forget the look on Claire's face when he came to her rescue and vows she will never know fear again. Like a knight in shining armor, he becomes Claire's champion, risking his life to save hers time and again.

Hart has written a powerful, complicated love story set in the wilds of Montana. She's ingrained her story with deep, complex relationships and the power of love to overcome hate. A memorable story—not for the fainthearted—this book is filled with spiritual strength and hope. SWEET (Aug., 300 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin