Image of Rocky Point Promise


Image of Rocky Point Promise
ROCKY POINT PROMISE (4) by Barbara McMahon: Nurse Faith Stewart accepts a job with Dr. Mallory, much to the dismay of receptionist Marjorie O’Brien, whose niece had also applied for the position. Now Marjorie seems to be sabotaging Faith’s career. When rumors circulate about Faith’s friendship with Sheriff Tate Johnson, Faith suspects Marjorie is involved. Meanwhile, while Faith misses the companionship associated with a relationship, she is uncertain that her cancer will remain in remission, and she does not want to add that burden to a new relationship. However, is that a chance Tate is willing to take? McMahon’s appealing story includes well-drawn characters and themes of faith, forgiveness and the higher purpose those sticky thorns in our sides may serve.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee