Image of Rodeo Bride


Image of Rodeo Bride
RODEO BRIDE (4.5) by Myrna Mackenzie: For three months, rancher Colleen Applegate has been caring for Toby, an acquaintance's baby. Now his father, millionaire businessman Dillon Farraday, has come to claim him. Clueless about babies, Dillon asks Colleen for parenting lessons, and she agrees for Toby's sake. A friendship develops, spiced with strong attraction, but it's not the right time or place to act on it -- especially once Toby's mother reappears and starts making mischief. Fully realized main characters with very understandable reasons to avoid love are the chief reason this story is so memorable. There's also the deliciously evil other woman and a baby-centered plot that's still deeply romantic.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer