Image of Rodeo Sweetheart (Love Inspired)


Image of Rodeo Sweetheart (Love Inspired)

RODEO SWEETHEART (4) by Betsy St. Amant: To save the family horse-breeding farm after her father's death, Samantha Jenson and her mother turn it into a ranch where tourists can take a rural working vacation. Unknown to Sam, the Ameses are there with an eye to buying her home. Though her mother knows their purpose, she doesn't know what their real plans are for the land. At the instigation of his father, Ethan Ames attempts to befriend Sam, and as he gets to know her, he realizes his parents' plans are wrong. Now he must choose: please his father or the woman he's falling for. St. Amant pens an entertaining story with a decent hero who has to make some life-altering choices.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley