Alemaker Isabelle Lammergeir has refused to see her estranged husband, Merlyn, for five years. So when he comes to her again, she rejects him—only to learn the next day that he has died and she has inherited his keep, Ravensmuir.

Ever practical, Isabelle takes control of the keep. Her first night there she has a remarkable dream of making passionate love to Merlyn's ghost. In the morning, she is sure he's not dead and confronts the very lively "spirit."

Merlyn confesses that his death is a ruse. He has been framed for murder and hopes to clear his name after finding the proof he needs with Isabelle's help. Secretly, Merlyn hopes to reclaim her heart as he establishes his innocence.

Merlyn is a delightfully charming rogue, Isabelle an admirable heroine, and the mystery just intriguing enough to keep you interested. Ms. Delacroix evokes the era, providing us with an accurate portrait and an enchanting tale—just what readers expect from the talented author. SENSUAL (Oct., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin