Image of Rogue (Werecats, Book 2)


Image of Rogue (Werecats, Book 2)

Vincent's smart, sexy sequel to Stray continues in the same vein, but this story has more emotional resonance. Faythe's as sassy as ever, and her first-person observations add greatly to the reader's experience.

Partnered with her lover, Marc Ramos, werecat tabby Faythe Sanders is working as an enforcer for her pride. It means rounding up strays that wander into their territory, as well as more unsavory duties, such as investigating the report of a dead werecat tom. Bodies start turning up, and all are clearly the work of the same murderer -- a rogue werecat. Human females are dying too, strippers who all bear more than a passing resemblance to Faythe. Could the two killers be working in tandem? Or are they connected in some other mysterious way? (MIRA, Apr., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer