Christine Dorsey completes her Renegade, Rebel and Rogue series trilogy with a twist: a tale that sweeps Lord Foxworth Morgan from 1748 to 1705, and the beautiful, yet brooding moor near Culloden. Readers who have loved Ms. Dorsey's series will find themselves enchanted with her twist on time, the ancestors of her previous characters and a timeless love. A wonderful change of pace for Ms. Dorsey -- whose talents ring true no matter what the era -- as adventure, passion and imagination merge to create a memorable read.

Guilt drives Fox to seek out the place of the bloodiest battle of his life and he believes his life is over when he is struck by a bolt of lightning.

Grace MacCammon finds the stranger and brings him home. For some reason Grace is drawn to a man she has never met and when he awakens with odd notions about time and place she wonders what has transpired.

Fox discovers he has moved through time to a place where his grandfather sits as a powerful lord in the government and his own rakehell father roams the countryside. But it's also before many horrible events occurred. Is there a reason for his time travel?

Grace learns to trust and believe in Fox's bizarre story. His knowledge of history and upcoming events both frightens and fascinates her. Traveling to Edinburgh and helping Fox uncover the reason for his sojourn gives Grace an opportunity to fall in love with him.

As Fox does his best for Scotland, he begins to heal his soul's wounds. Yet, fate has another twist in store for him before he can realize his full potential. (Apr., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin